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Sep 9, 2010 7:30am PDT
to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] the cts-v, from cadillac. the new standard of the world. cancer. it's a dark word. when it's directed at you or a loved one, it can turn your world upside down and leave you in a scary, lonely place. but there is a way to bring in some light. ♪ the leukemia and lymphoma society's light the night walks are held every fall in communities across the u.s. and canada. they are hope-filled evenings when families and friends, neighbors and company teams come together to support people battling cancer. walkers raise funds for lifesaving research and services for patients and their families. light the night walks are evenings filled with emotion. participants experience the warm glow of a caring community. whether you're a cancer survivor, supporting someone who is
Sep 15, 2010 7:30am PDT
u.s. olympic gold and silver medalist. [ crowd cheering ] i never take my eyesight for granted. and neither should you. doesn't matter how old you are. you could be losing your vision to glaucoma without knowing it. take care of your sight. schedule regular eye exams for yourself and those you love. call 1-800-437-2423 and go to for free information and publications from national glaucoma research. turn off the lights! sorry! i'm saving energy, helping the environment. where are you? make a left -- no, the other left! [ clang! ] my pizza box collection! [ cat screeches ] aah! hey, i don't have a cat. [ crash! ] watch out! woman: max, there's an easier way to help the environment, and it won't be such a pain in the neck. take public transportation. go green. go public. a message from the public transportation systems across the country. [ bus horn honks, train horn blows ] she was my, my great role model, anymy grammy keaton.e. it was pretty much of a shock for us when she got colon cancer. we were -- none of us were prepared for that. colorectal cancer is the s
Sep 21, 2010 7:30am PDT
live. choibut what if your smallt us choices matter the most,g. like, the stairs or the elevator? baked or fried? what if these small choices determine if you'll be the 1 out of every 3 women who'll die of heart disease this year? these choices might not seem like life-changing today, but women are dying of heart disease at the rate of almost 1 per minute. luckily, it's mostly preventable. choose to act. make your choice at
Sep 29, 2010 7:30am PDT and use edie the estimator. because the more you know, the safer your money.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)